For the Sheer Joy of Carving…

  Carved lantern, 2003 How did it begin? What inspired me to start carving my pots?  Well, when I think back, it tickles me to recall that the earliest motivation to carve pots, resulted from a need to be able to identify my beginning wheel thrown work, from shelves full of bisque ware (work done […]

A Friendship Sweeter Than Cupcakes!

I met her five years ago. We had just finished  an introductory meditation session and like always we were chatting over home baked goodies, when I noticed her. She was sitting at the back, the glow of a good meditation apparent on her face. After introducing myself, I asked her, since it was her first […]

Ice Cream Sundays

When I was growing up in India, all through high school, we used to have something called the dreaded “Monday Test”. As the name suggests, we had a test every Monday… an intentional weekend spoiler, a conspiracy hatched by our school to trouble us kids. On Sunday evenings, just as it would start to get […]